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Maxine Young,Photography

I started taking serious pictures when I was in the Peace Corps, in Cameroon, in the '70's.  That is where I fell in love with Africa, nature and photography.  Much later, in the '80's, I fell in love with a South African while living and working in NYC.  We go often, at least once a year, back to see his family.  Africa is rich with photographic subjects, but so is every corner of the world.  I live in the Hudson Valley now, which is such a great environment for birds, both in the summer and in the winter (the eagle here was photographed in Croton-on-Hudson, NY) and the Hudson River and the Valley constantly provide images for me to photograph. The background photo for all these pages is the bark of a birch tree I photographed in the Hudson Valley while hiking.  Still, I travel as often as I am able, and I love to photograph the world I see.

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